The Bad Girl

Let me guess…you were googling up green and healthy stuff when you accidentally bumped into my brand new blog!


I am a BAD girl, I have been smoking for almost two decades and have been eating junk for even longer. But…it’s never too late to change that right?

Well that’s what I am trying to do! I am trying to embrace a greener lifestyle, so any comments or words of advice are most definitely welcome!

Quick facts:

  • I have been smoke free for 55 days now and I have been using an electronic cigarette instead. I am trying to ditch that too, but right now it’s like a pacifier. Try stealing a baby’s pacifier and see what happens. Yup. Exactly.
  • My back is all scratched because I have a 6kg ragdoll cat who absolutely loves jumping on my shoulder. Yes, even when I am standing.
  • I am a compulsive cosmetic hoarder. You know you have too many products when using Shu Uemura cleansing oil to wash your hands doesn’t seem much of a waste.
  • I don’t eat meat, but I am not a vegetarian. Apparently people like me are called “pescatarians”, but I don’t think that really suits me. I feel more like a “pastatarian” or a “pizzatarian”…I am Italian after all!
  • I am shingle. Not a typo, I just really like Sean Connery.

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