You, Me & A Cuppa Tea

I have always enjoyed having a nice cup of tea. I am a big Earl Grey fan, but I am definitely more of a herbal tea person.

My choice used to be solely based on taste rather than the related benefits, but since I started my green journey I have become more curious about what goes into my body.

I like buying assorted flavours packs so that I can try all different kinds and find out which ones I like the best.

I have recently bought a Sonnentor mixed pack, which had a variety of herbal teas with very odd names like “Cheeky Cherub”, “Sunny Greetings” and “Spring Kiss”.

The most interesting one though was the Rooibos and Orange tea, not only because I had never heard of Rooibos before, but also because the benefits of this South African plant are just AWESOME!

Rooibos, also known as redbush or African red tea, is truly a little wonder of nature! First of all, it is caffeine free plus it is packed with goodies like vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and calcium and it is a fab antioxidant…which means it will help us fight those nasty free radicals that we despise so much! Also, did I mention that it has antiviral properties that help boosting our immune system?

You can drink it hot, to make those winter nights cosier, or cold for a refreshing break.

You can also use it to soothe sensitive eyes, it will reduce puffiness and redness and give you instant relief. I tried this trick while I was writing my thesis at uni, I was not getting much sleep at all and my eyes were really red and puffy. I looked like an ugly Cullen! After brewing put the tea in the fridge, once cold soak some cotton pads in and apply to vampire eyes. Refreshing and effective!

The variety of herbal teas you can buy is quite amazing but my top 3 are definitely licorice, peppermint and fennel. I love the taste and they come with a whole lot of benefits too!


Not only it tastes fantastic, but it also helps easing PMS and it is often used to treat low blood pressure. It has anti-spasmodic properties and it works as a mild laxative too. Do not overdo it though! The side effects are not very nice and include swelling and high blood pressure issues. I have one or maximum two cups a day.


This herbal tea helps digestion and reduces flatulence and digestive issues, it can ease nausea, reduce stress and it will give you a fresh minty breath of course! Avoid if you suffer from heartburn!


It is a mild diuretic and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It can improve metabolism and it can help with weight loss if drunk regularly. Fennel can freshen your breath too, ever tried chewing on some seeds?! A strong tea will do the trick as well!

Herbal tea lover? What are your preferences and how do you choose them? Taste or benefits?


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