My Sunday Home Spa Session

It is a cloudy day in London, but at least it is not raining…yet!

I woke up quite early this morning and as I have no plans for the day, I think this is the perfect time for a Sunday Home Spa Session! Plus, I have not had a proper one since moving to the UK…shame on me!

These are the products I have picked for today’s pampering!

Sunday Spa Session

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Mild Soap

Luxsit Organic Care  Balance Facial Peeling

Skin Blossom Complete Care Shampoo

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

Bema Bio Passion Silver   Vanilla & Lemon Body Lotion

Lavera Organic Calendula, Organic Ginger & Mango Seed Butter Balancing Mask

Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil

Before jumping in the shower, I do some dry body brushing. Have you ever tried it? I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, but if you are consistent, you will see results! I promise! I use a wooden brush with soft bristles and a long detachable handle. If you don’t know much about dry body brushing, you should read this interesting article on MindBodyGreen.

 Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Mild Soap 


I have always been intrigued by this brand, but I never had a chance to try it while living in Italy. I mean…18 in 1 uses ? Whoaaa! So far I have tried Lavender, Baby Mild, Citrus and Tea Tree. I use it on my face as well, but PLEASE, PLEASE keep it out of your eyes! Once I was washing my hands and as I was lathering up, one teeny tiny little bubble decided to fly away and land on my right eye. Trust me, you do not want to experience that. However, if that happens, rinse your eyes IMMEDIATELY with cold water. That being said, I am a huge fan of this soap and I keep buying it again and again. I have dry skin and this soap leaves it feeling clean AND soft. I have been using it to wash my hands all winter and, being an over washer, I am definitely happy with this product. I cannot decide which one is my favourite, but I have already bought my second bottle of the Unscented Baby Mild…

Luxsit Organic Care Balance Facial Peeling


Really glad I discovered this great Swedish brand, it is natural, organic and packed with effective ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin as well. I normally make my own scrub at home, but sometimes my kitchen lacks something gentle enough to use on my face, so this Balance Facial Peeling is the perfect candidate to fulfil my needs. It has a pinkish colour, which obviously I love, and it has an uplifting smell. Its almond and jojoba grains help removing dead cells while the shea butter and avocado oil leave skin supple and moisturised. It is an instant radiance booster! Highly recommended to get rid of that dull/norealsummerglowthisyear complexion.

Skin Blossom Complete Care Shampoo 

skin blossom organic-shampoo

One of my first posts on this blog was about Green Haircare, I was still a newbie back then, ahhh the things you learn on the way! Hair is tough peeps, one of the hardest bits I would say, that is why I suggest you green up your conditioner/hair treatment first and THEN your shampoo. In the past year I have tried quite a big array of products, but you all know that finding THE ONE when it comes to shampoo is almost harder than finding Mr Right. Nevertheless,  this Complete Care Shampoo is definitely a keeper, for a start…it lathers! I have tried washing my hair with oils, but I just felt like I was not washing it at all. It is a psychological thing I know, but I like my foam. This shampoo is formulated with a special blend of essential oils, Rosemary and Bergamot help purifying and strengthen, Palmarosa moisturises and the Citrus extracts remove build-up for shiny healthy locks. Hair feels light, clean and green!

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor


I love John Masters Organics, this is no news. It is one of the first green brands I, almost accidentally, bumped into. I find it a bit expensive to buy in Europe though, so when my friends head to the US, I always place big orders and beg them to leave some extra space in their suitcases for me. I cannot even remember when I last got a hair cut, but by the look of my ends it must have been a looooong time ago! I know what you are all thinking…chop chop! Thing is I have NEVER had it this long before and I just love that feeling I get when I quickly turn my head around! Long hair definitely needs some extra care and this Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructor might become your new best pal in a blink of an eye. Honey, Hibiscus, Soy Protein, Linolenic and Hyaluronic Acid, Cupuaçu Butter…need I say more? This super intensive conditioning treatment will make you love your hair to bits! Even the former dry ones.

Bema Bio Passion Silver Vanilla & Lemon Body Lotion

Bema Vaniglia

I found this body lotion in Italy a couple of months ago and, being a vanilla lover, I could not resist. It smells more lemony than vanilly, but the mix is extremely pleasant and somehow summery. It is a lightweight, quickly absorbed moisturiser, ideal for for normal to dry skin. In addition to the lovely smell and the velvety sensation it leaves on your skin, it comes with a very friendly price tag too. Other available ranges include Lime & Green Tea, Water Lily & Bamboo and Lotus Flower.

Lavera Organic Calendula, Organic Ginger & Mango Seed Butter Balancing Mask


I am a fan of single dose sachets, as I can try dozens of different goodies without going broke. Today I picked a balancing mask to cleanse, nourish and refresh my city dweller skin. I grew up in Italy, in a small town nestled in the hills and surrounded by the greenest countryside, so my skin is definitely not as happy as it used to be. London can be harsh, try blowing your nose after a day out in the big smoke…yes…I warned you, but you just need to learn how to use the right weapons. This Lavera mask should be one of your weekly armaments to deeply cleanse and restore brightness. The yummy organic ingredients purify, soothe and protect your skin…something you certainly need in London. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes, treat myself to a mini massage and remove the residues with a toner. You can rinse it off with warm water, but if you live here, you might want to avoid that due to water hardness.

Spiezia Organics Rose & Vanilla Face Oil


I have never been to Cornwall, but mysterious forces have been dragging me there since I can remember. Now I know exactly why! I met Amanda Barlow, the lovely Managing Director of Cornish brand Spiezia Organics, at the love natural love organic show a few weeks ago and she kindly gave me a starter set to try this amazing natural organic range. The kit included the Rose & Vanilla Face Oil, which I have applied religiously every night since. You only need a few drops of this precious oil to please your skin and senses and it does not leave you with that “a bit too shiny” look. Warm it up in your hands and apply it into skin with a gentle massage. Do not neglect your neck please, or it will soon get back at you telling everyone how old you really are. Oh! Did I mention how FABULOUS this oil smells? Sometimes I just want to eat it. There is a special Summer Sale on at the moment, so head to the Spiezia Organics website and spoil yourself with a 20% discount on these wonderful products.

I am off now! My Sunday Home Spa Session is calling!

I am on my own today, but if you do it with your friends, it is even better. Relax , girl talk and a nice cup of tea! Ohhh how I miss my ladies! Enjoy!

Your BGGG xx

4 thoughts on “My Sunday Home Spa Session

  1. Wild Organic Beauty (@wildorganicblog) says:

    This sounds perfect! You might also love the Trevarno Jojoba and Rose Facial oil (also made in Cornwall, coincidentally!). I really like Green People shampoos too – they clarify your hair without stripping it. Just discovered your blog – I love it! xx

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