The Dairy Free Challenge

When it comes to food habits, I find it quite hard to label myself, as I do not really know where I belong.

I do not eat meat, but I am not a vegetarian as sometimes I do eat fish (2/3 times a month).

I hardly ever eat eggs, but I am addicted to dairy products.

Over the past few weeks, I have meticulously observed my food habits and I came to terms with something I have always known. I eat far too much cheese. I could almost use the word abuse. I do not drink milk, I have been drinking veg milk for years, but when it comes to cheese… I just cannot help myself. I like all kinds and embrace all nationalities and textures. Fresh, spreadable, Italian, aged, Spanish, French, soft…Also, did I mention I like my pizza with double mozzarella?


I truly love them all, but it is time to put the brakes on this unhealthy habit of mine.

Giving up meat was easy, as I never really liked it. I used to eat cold cuts (high sodium alert!), but steaks, hamburgers or chicken have never been on my fave food list. I stopped eating it about 2 years ago after reading lots about “why meat is good for you” and “why you should stop eating meat”.

This long research led me to a conscious decision, no more oink oink, moo moo, baa baa or cluck cluck on my plate. The forces behind my choice were mainly health related, I simply believe human bodies are not engineered to eat or digest meat.

Nevertheless, I respect everyone’s food habits, as I think it is a very personal matter. I am extremely open when it comes to this topic, I am happy to explain my reasons for giving up meat when people ask and I enjoy listening to their points of view and opinions.

Going meat free was no challenge, although my body reacted quite badly in the beginning. Detox symptoms are never pleasant and if you have ever gone through a cleanse, you know exactly what I am talking about. Your body gets rid of the accumulated toxins, which can trigger a vast range of uninvited side effects. I went through constant headaches and my skin was breaking out like crazy. I had dry, itchy patches on my face and an array of pimples that would have easily won first prize at the teenage zit competition of the year. I must admit I was extremely distressed, as I never, ever had experienced such a cataclysm. It took a few weeks for my skin to clear up, helped by the occasional juice fast.

Now that I have given up my beloved cheese, it seems my face, chest and back are going through the same pimple frenzy. It has only been 6 days, but…shamefully enough…this is probably the longest I have ever been dairy free in my whole life. To make matters even worse, I have been adding spirulina to my morning smoothies for the past week…meaning my body is going through a hardcore detox phase.

When I quit meat I also quit smoking at the same time, so being a little bit “cleaner” now I hope the side effects will not last as long.

I am drinking more water and eating more green vegetables to help flush the toxins out, but I will be honest with you…not feeling at my best! I am always tired and have huge mood swings, but I will make it through. I know I can! And of course I will keep you updated on my dairy free challenge!

Your BGGG xx


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