The Dairy Free Challenge #CO YO

Up until last week, I used to eat natural greek yogurt all the time. My favourite one was Rachel’s Organic Set Greek Style Natural. I have tried many different brands, but this is definitely the one I liked the most. It has the perfect texture, so rich I have used it many times as a substitute for cream.

If you are still eating dairy…this is it! Go get yourself some! Try it with a bowl of fresh fruit or your favourite cake, true satisfaction on its way!

I have thought about quitting dairy for a long time, but never succeeded because it is (was?) my Achilles’ heel. Had I been able to moderate myself somehow…no problems, but I could easily have 450 gr of yogurt in one go. Not to mention my cheese addiction…! *currently dreaming of French Brie*

This is my 8th dairy free day and I am trying to find tasty alternatives to avoid falling off the wagon. Aries love challenges though, don’t they?!

So what are your yogurt options? I have never been a fan of soygurt, although some brands like Sojade really had my taste buds going. The Mango Peach rocks, creamy texture and full of flavour.

A few weeks ago I discovered a brand called CO YOCoconut Milk Yogurt. I was so intrigued that I could not wait to try some! I was lucky enough to receive a selection of four different flavours to taste, Natural, Mango, Mixed Berry and Raw Chocolate. Oh boy! This stuff is good! I honestly did not know what to expect, as I had never tried coconut milk yogurt before. What was the texture going to be like? What about the flavour? It only took me one spoonful to get hooked. I was truly impressed.

2014-06-30 11.07.29-1

CO YO uses one whole coconut per 100 gr of yogurt, can you imagine the amount of goodness contained in that cute colourful tub? Also, it is free of dairy, soya, gluten, nut, egg, lactose and it has no added sugar nor artificial additives. The texture is quite velvety and rich and it reminded me of a mousse. And the flavour…ahhhh the flavour!! Perfectly balanced, not too sweet, not too tangy. My favourite ones were the Natural and the Raw Chocolate. The Natural one can be used to cook as well, so bring on vegan mayonnaise, dips and curries! Lately, I have been experimenting with vegan recipes lots, so I am definitely going to use this for my next dish and I will be sure to post pictures of my yummy creations. The Raw Chocolate flavour was satisfaction at its best, it feels and tastes like the richest chocolate mousse ever, minus the calories. (155 only!)

Guilt free treat anyone?

The four CO YO tubs did not last long at all, so I headed to my local Waitrose and bought some more. They did not have a huge selection, but I stocked up on the Raw Chocolate and got some Vanilla as well.

Heaven in a mouthful? I should have filmed my face when I had the first spoonful. You know when something tastes so good you unconsciously close your eyes? It happened to me three times in my whole life, Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen, Thai restaurant in London and fresh mozzarella tasting in Puglia. Needless to say this was my number four.

 What are your dairy free yogurt alternatives? What are your favourite flavours? Do you use them to cook as well? Share some recipes with us!

Your BGGG xx


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