Spilling The Beans

Truth is, I am not 100% green.

After all, I am a Bad Girl Going Green, not a Bad Girl Gone Green…yet!

My journey started a couple of years ago, when I realized how many unhealthy habits I had.

I was a heavy smoker, my typical lunch/dinner consisted of cheese, cold cuts and bread, I drank on average 1 litre of Diet Coke a day, I used to drive everywhere…and the list goes on!

The first step was quitting meat and a few weeks later, I stopped smoking as well. I also broke my Diet Coke addiction. I still drink it sometimes, but it takes me a couple of days to finish a 500ml bottle. On top of that, I do not have a car in London, meaning I walk whenever I can, as public transport can be quite expensive.

I will not bore you with details on all the benefits you get once you start ditching some of your bad habits. And I will not try to convince you to lead a greener life.

I will spill the beans instead, telling you 5 random bad things I still do.


I am an electronic cigarette user.

I waste too much water when I shower and when I do the dishes.

I use an antiperspirant.

I only drink bottled water.

I eat too many refined carbohydrates.

I am currently working on these things, but some habits are just harder to kick.

Nevertheless, I am definitely much healthier and kinder to the environment now than I have ever been.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so don’t give up and don’t be too harsh on yourself if you fall off the wagon.

You can get back on it.


What about you? Are you going to spill the beans with us? Don’t be shy!

Your BGGG xx